Will Alimport Take Advantage Of Low U.S. Commodity Prices? They’ve Done It Before And Earned Gratitude For Doing It

Will Alimport Take Advantage Of Low U.S. Commodity Prices?  They’ve Done It Before And Earned Gratitude For Doing It

With the implementation of tariffs by the United States and on the United States impacting the export of corn, poultry and soybeans, watch for Alimport in the Republic of Cuba take advantage of lower prices to purchase commodities and gain the favor of farmers, exporters, organizations and politicians. 

During the last seventeen years, when United States agricultural commodity exporters and food product exporters have been challenged by political, regulatory and sanitary issues with exports (famously poultry) to China, European Union, and Russia, Alimport has gone shopping for commodities…. and earned high marks for doing so. 

The Republic of Cuba has purchased more than US$5.6 billion in agricultural commodities and food products on a cash-in-advance basis since 2001.  The Republic of Cuba currently ranks as the 51st of 229 export market countries for agricultural commodities and food products; and ahead of 19 of the 28 members of the European Union.  Agricultural commodity and food product exports from the United States to the Republic of Cuba thus far in 2018 have increased 15% compared to 2017. 


Direct Correspondent Banking has been permitted for 3 years; why hasn’t Home BancShares of Arkansas (Stonegate Bank) obtained the 50% of the OFAC license it needs to help U.S. food/ag exporters increase sales to Alimport Cuba?  Straight line payments could increase sales by +3%.