Food/Ag Exports To China Down 11%; Cuba Up 15%- One Arkansas Bank Can Help

July Update…. Revised U.S. Export Data

President Trump’s Problem: Food/Ag Tariffs By Canada, China, EU & Mexico

For 2018:
U.S. Food/Ag Exports To China Decreased 11.5%
U.S. Food/Ag Exports To Mexico Increased 1.3%
U.S. Food/Ag Exports To Canada Increased 1.3%
U.S. Food/Ag Exports To The EU Increased 14.4%

U.S. Food/Ag Exports To Cuba Increased 15.4%
Cuba Imported More Food/Ag Products From U.S. Than 19 Of 28 EU Members
Cuba Ranks 51st Of 229 Countries For U.S. Food/Ag Exports

A Viable Option
No Change To Law
One OFAC License Could Increase Exports
Home BancShares In Arkansas
Removing Foreign Banks From Transactions Can Increase U.S. Exports
Direct Banking Can Save Exporters 2%+ From Each Payment  
Where’s Arkansas’s Republican Governor & All-Republican Congressional Delegation?

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