Secretaries Pritzker, Vilsack & Lobbying Group.... State Department Violates US Law


February 2016

Special Report

Secretaries Pritzker, Vilsack & Lobbying Group… State Department Violates US Law

Based Upon 2016 Actions by State Department, Representatives of U.S. Companies Could Have Participated in 2015 Visits by Secretaries Pritzker & Vilsack and Benefited from Them

Evolution of Legal Thinking or Political Calculation?

In 2015, why would two Obama Administration cabinet members and a Washington, DC-based not-for-profit lobbying group advocate a legal and policy positions that would prohibit and/or restrict the ability of departments to 1) promote United States companies to a government and 2) assist United States companies with meeting government entities that might purchase products and/or services from the companies? 

In 2016, why does the United States Department of State take a decision which undermines those legal and policy positions?  The answer may be due to the less than expected commercial engagement by Republic of Cuba government-operated entities with United States-based companies and unlikely successful legislative initiatives before 20 January 2017.   

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