The Passing Of Fidel Castro- Impact Upon US/Cuba Bilateral Relationship

The passing of H.E. Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz, former president of the Republic of Cuba, will neither have immediate nor consequential commercial, economic or political impact upon the lives of the 11.3 million citizens of the Republic of Cuba.

The bilateral relationship with the United States- as the Obama Administration transitions to the Trump Administration, will have a change in trajectory, especially with the scope and pace of response(s) by the United States Congress.

With the announced retirement of H.E. General Raul Castro, president of the Republic of Cuba, on 24 February 2018, there will be efforts by members of the United States Congress, in conjunction with the Trump Administration, to publicize what the United States government can and will do once there is a "Post Castro" Cuba.

For the United States business community, the passing of former president Fidel Castro will have no short-term to medium-term impact; the government of the Republic of Cuba will retrench to demonstrate that the "Revolution" survives its founder- and continues to defy the grasp of the United States.