Five Newspapers Do Not Include Print Edition Articles About Trump Administration Decision On Title III- What Does That Mean?

What is the message when the 5 March 2019 Washington Metropolitan Area (WMA) print editions of newspapers The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Times, and Financial Times do not include an article about the 4 March 2019 decision by the Trump Administration to authorize lawsuits against Republic of Cuba government-operated entities and, depending upon rulings by United States courts, potentially non-United States-based companies and United States-based companies?   

The Washington Post included an article on page A12 of its print edition distributed within the WMA. 

The most valuable real estate for newspapers is the print edition, as once used, it may not be replaced, updated, shared via the Internet. 

Were the decisions not to include an article about the Trump Administration action relating to Title III of the Libertad Act based strictly upon what information on the day was newsworthy?  Or, was the decision about the Republic of Cuba no longer having significant national importance? Or, what it that this specific story was not significant?

For the Trump Administration, the less media focus upon the Republic of Cuba, the more likely will be a continued enhancement of its use of statutory provisions, regulations and policies designed to impact, diminish and curtail, the ability of the government of the Republic of Cuba to delay commercial, economic and political changes. 

And, as a consequence of a lack of media attention, legislative initiatives in the United States Congress are increasingly speculative, at best, in terms of becoming law. 

Out of sight, out of mind.