US Ag/Food Exports To Cuba Decreased 31.8% In November; Down By 17.4% For Year


January 2019


November 2018 Food/Ag Exports To Cuba Decrease 31.8%- 1

17.4% Decrease Year-To-Year-5

Cuba Ranks 58th Of 225 U.S. Food/Ag Export Markets- 2

November 2018 Healthcare Product Exports US$321,475.00- 2

November 2018 Humanitarian Donations US$1,558,200.00- 3

Obama Administration Initiatives Exports Continue To Increase- 3

U.S. Port Export Data- 15 

NOVEMBER 2018 FOOD/AG EXPORTS TO CUBA DECREASE 31.8%- Exports of food products and agricultural commodities from the United States to the Republic of Cuba in November 2018 were US$14,505,604.00 compared to US$21,277,713.00 in November 2017 and US$10,594,557.00 in November 2016. 

Exporters in November 2018 included among others: Atlanta, Georgia-based AJC International (poultry); Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Koch Foods (poultry); Atlanta, Georgia-based Intervision Foods (fish/poultry); Wellesley, Massachusetts-based Grove Services (poultry) and Little Rock, Arkansas-based Mountaire Farms (poultry).

For the period January 2018 through November 2018, exports were US$212,134,634.00 compared with US$256,836,606.00 during the same period in 2017.

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