Governor Of Florida; Two Senators From Florida Have Formed A Formadable Obstacle

Comments From The Honorable Ron DeSantis (R), Governor of the State of Florida, after a meeting on 22 January 2019 with The Honorable Donald Trump, President of the United States to discuss topics including Venezuela and the Republic of Cuba.  Also attending the meeting were two members of the United States Senate: The Honorable Marco Rubio (R- Florida) and The Honorable Rick Scott (R- Florida). 

Senator Rubio: “Venezuela has a constitution. The guy who claims to be president now was not elected under that constitution and under their constitution, when there’s a vacancy in the presidency, the rightful president is the president of the national assembly, pending a new election. And we encouraged the president today to follow through with what he’s already declared, which is that Maduro is illegitimate. The next logical step is to recognize the president of the national assembly as the rightful president.” 

Governor DeSantis: “With Cuba, now’s the time to put more pressure. Cuba is the cancer that leads to a lot of the problems that we see in Latin America. The president listened to our arguments about doing Title 3. I think that’s in the national security interest of the country. But I can also say as governor of Florida, that would be very resonant with the people in South Florida, particularly Miami.”