President Responds During His Press Conference To Two Questions About Cuba

President Donald Trump Discusses the Republic Of Cuba in response to two questions at press conference on 26 September 2018:

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Office of the Press Secretary

September 26, 2018


Lotte New York Palace

New York, New York

Q Yes, Mr. President. My name is Tomás Regalado from Radio and TV Marti. Mr. President, yesterday at the speech at the U.N., you spoke about how Venezuela's problem was because of Cuba and the Castros -- how they went in there and they brought socialism and communism to Venezuela, and now to Nicaragua as well.

Mr. President, are you going to be more proactive now against Cuba as well?

THE PRESIDENT: I've been very proactive against Cuba. I don't like what's happening in Cuba. As you know, President Obama gave them a pass and I didn't like it. Neither do Cuban people based in Miami and based in our country that came from Cuba and suffered in Cuba.

I don't like what he did. I've ended much of it -- most of it. I don't like what's happening in Cuba, and I certainly don’t like what's happening in Venezuela.

Yes, please.

Q Mr. President.


Q Mr. President, just to finish really fast. You said also that you had a call-to-action to ask the leaders around the world to also end socialism. Would you like to be recognized as --

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I wouldn't say that socialism has bene working really well around the world, okay. You can take a look at Venezuela as your number one -- your number one -- I guess, the one that is most obvious. But you take a look around the world, socialism is not exactly riding high.


Q Thank you, Mr. President.