April Food/Ag Exports Increase 39.8%; Purchases Up 25.3% Compared To 2017

June 2018

April 2018 Food/Ag Exports To Cuba Increased 39.8%- 1
25.3% Increase Year-To-Year-5
Cuba Ranks 52nd Of 229 U.S. Food/Ag Export Markets- 2
April 2018 Healthcare Product Exports US$59,934.00- 2
April 2018 Humanitarian Donations US$640,778.00- 3
Obama Administration Initiatives Exports Continue To Increase- 3
U.S. Port Export Data- 15

APRIL 2018 FOOD/AG EXPORTS TO CUBA INCREASED 39.8%- Exports of food products & agricultural commodities from the United States to the Republic of Cuba in April 2018 were US$25,159,062.00 compared to US$17,988,565.00 in April 2017 and US$18,188,315.00 in April 2016.  

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