Could This Be Required For All Travelers To Cuba? The "FAR-FINDER"

Could the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the United States Department of the Treasury soon require all individuals subject to United States jurisdiction who visit the Republic of Cuba within the twelve (12) authorized categories to carry an enhanced Geiger Counter?

The government of the Republic of Cuba reported that more than 600,000 individuals subject to United States jurisdiction visited the country in 2016, with overall visitors increasing by 145% during the first six (6) months of 2017 compared with the first six months of 2016. 

The cost of a Geiger Counter generally ranges from US$300.00 to more than US$1,000.00, depending upon its level of accuracy.

The OFAC could offer software which would be implanted within a Geiger Counter (newly-marketed as the "FAR Finder") enabling the device to accurately detect when it is nearing an entity affiliated with and/or controlled by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the Republic of Cuba (FAR).

Imagine thousands of travelers disembarking from a cruise ship attempting to determine if their device, rather than the device of someone nearby, is informing them of looming FAR-related doom?

Would each traveler be required to have a device?  Or, would a group be permitted to share a device?  What if a group-member becomes disoriented by conflicting noises from the device and stumbles into a prohibited location?

Would the device be programmed, via cellular roaming and Internet access, to immediately transmit the transgression to the OFAC which would then use automated software to issue a summons to the email address of the guilty party?

Perhaps, the government of the Republic of Cuba will make the process easier by placing signage at each FAR-related location.... "We'd love for you to join us, but you can't... you're embargoed."  Oh, but of course they will.

What's a potential result?  As in the 1920's with Prohibition, those activities which are deemed unlawful will earn more than if they were lawful.....