US Food/Ag Exports To Cuba Increased (Slightly) In February 2017; Data Issues

April 2017

February 2017 Exports To Cuba Increases .26% Or 2%- 1
Healthcare Product Exports- 2
Humanitarian Donations- 3
Obama Administration Initiatives Product Exports- 3
U.S. Port Export Data- 14

FEBRUARY FOOD/AG EXPORTS INCREASE .26% OR 2%- Exports of food products & agricultural commodities from the United States to the Republic of Cuba in February 2017 were US$18,145,564.00 (or US$17,893,564.00) compared to US$17,847,747.00 in February 2016 and US$13,488,136.00 in February 2015.  

The difference of US$252,000.00 references 157.8 metric tons of rice reported as exported to the Republic of Cuba by the United States Department of Commerce but not reported as exported to the Republic of Cuba in port (Houston, Texas, District) export data.  LINK to Blog Post:

[Report will be adjusted as new information is available].  

February 2017 exporters included: Wayzata, Minnesota-based Cargill (corn); Atlanta, Georgia-based AJC International (poultry); Atlanta, Georgia-based Intervision Foods (poultry); Bedford, Massachusetts-based Sellari Enterprises (poultry); Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Koch Foods of Chattanooga (poultry); New York, New York-based Globex International (poultry); Wellesley, Massachusetts-based Grove Services (poultry); Salisbury, Maryland-based Perdue Agribusiness (poultry); and Miami, Florida-based Sevino del Bene SpA (unreported; Link to Blog Post: