Five Members Of Congress Secret (From Their Constituents) Visit To Cuba

Five (5) members of the United States House of Representatives visited the Republic of Cuba this week. 

While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba published images (6 March 2017 and 7 March 2017) and narrative of the visit by the delegation, no member of the delegation mentioned the visit on their Internet site as of 8:19 am on 8 March 2017.

Tom Emmer (D- Minnesota)
Jack Bergman (R- Michigan)
Jason Lewis (R- Minnesota)
Roger Marshall (R- Kansas)
James Comer (R- Kentucky)

Why would Members of Congress, especially Representative Emmer who has visited the Republic of Cuba on three (3) occasions, maintain secrecy about the visit- before it happened, during it, and subsequent to it... when the government of the Republic of Cuba is publicizing it?