United States Companies With A Presence In Cuba Since 17 December 2014

United States Companies With A Presence In Cuba Since 17 December 2014
No Manufacturing/Assembly/DFI
Many Licenses Issued By OFAC/BIS Not Yet Disclosed & Implemented

United States-based companies engaged in export of products, import of products and provision of services, including publicly-confirmed memorandum of understanding (MOU).  

For 2016, the gross revenues of the forty-seven (47) listed companies exceeded US$974 billion and employed approximately 2 million; not including revenue/employees from the United States Postal Service (USPS).  

The listing does not include travel agents and tour operators, most of whom have arrangements with Republic of Cuba government-operated Havanatur Celimar, Asistur, Gaviota and other Republic of Cuba government-operated companies to market itineraries.  

This listing does not include United States-based companies that have exported food products and agricultural commodities (Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000) and healthcare products (Cuban Democracy Act of 1992).  

There is no Direct Foreign Investment (DFI) in the Republic of Cuba by United States-based companies.  Since 17 December 2014, there have been two (2) proposals in the public domain that could qualify as DFI and each was rejected by the government of the Republic of Cuba: Alabama-based Cleber LLC (a facility in the Republic of Cuba that would use parts manufactured in the United States and delivered to the Republic of Cuba to assemble tractors for the domestic market and for export) and Florida-based Florida Produce of Hillsborough County (distribution center in the Republic of Cuba featuring food and other products imported from the United States).   

There are a reported twenty (20) to more than seventy (70) licenses issued in 2016 (before and after the 8 November 2016 presidential election through 20 January 2017) by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the United States Department of the Treasury and/or Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) of the United States Department of Commerce, that have not been disclosed by the licensee, have not been implemented by the licensee, have been implemented by the licensee but not disclosed, and/or in some instances confirmed by the government of the Republic of Cuba but not by the licensee.

1.    Alabama- Gulfwise LLC (2016 contract export of one piece of equipment; not delivered)
2.    California- Airbnb (residential reservations)
3.    California- Cisco Systems (donated no-cost networking academy)
4.    California- Google (donated products for interactive display; donated servers)
5.    Netflix- (video streaming)
6.    Colorado- Frontier Airlines (flights)
7.    Colorado- Western Union (funds transfers- commenced before 2014)
8.    Connecticut- Booking.com [owned by Priceline] (hotel reservations)
9.    Connecticut- Pearl Seas Cruises (cruise ships)
10.    Connecticut- Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide (hotel management)
11.    Connecticut- General Electric (parts & equipment for a power plant)
12.    District of Columbia- United States Postal Service (delivery services)
13.    Florida- Crowley Liner Services (container shipping)
14.    Florida- Eastern Airlines (flights)
15.    Florida- Fogo Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal (import of charcoal)
16.    Florida- Natbank (Mastercard)
17.    Florida- Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (cruise ships)
18.    Florida- Premier Automotive Export (export of electric vehicles/chargers)
19.    Florida- Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. (cruise ships)
20.    Florida- Silver Airlines (flights)
21.    Florida- Spirit Airlines (flights)
22.    Florida- Stonegate Bank (Mastercard & correspondent banking)
23.    Florida-Carnival Corporation & PLC (cruise ships)
24.    Georgia- Delta Airlines (flights & ticket office)
25.    Illinois- Caterpillar (Puerto Rico-based authorized distributorship; donated product)
26.    Illinois- United Airlines (flights)
27.    Kansas- Sprint (roaming agreement)
28.    Massachusetts- TripAdvisor (hotel reservations)
29.    Minnesota- Sun Country Airlines (flights)
30.    New Jersey- Advanced Solar Products (export of electric vehicle chargers)
31.    New Jersey- Wyndham Worldwide (hotel management)
32.    New Jersey- IDT Corporation (direct long distance)
33.    New York- Colgate-Palmolive (oral education program- early 2014)
34.    New York- JetBlue Airlines (flights)
35.    New York- Mastercard International (credit/debit branded cards)
36.    New York- Nestle Nespresso USA (coffee imports)
37.    New York- Roswell Park Cancer Institute (vaccine clinical trial)
38.    New York- Starr Companies (letter of intent- insurance)
39.    New York- Verizon (roaming agreement)
40.    Puerto Rico- Banco Popular de Puerto Rico (Mastercard)
41.    Tennessee- FedEx (cargo)
42.    Texas- American Airlines (flights & ticket office)
43.    Texas- AT&T (roaming agreement)
44.    Texas- Southwest Airlines (flights)
45.    Virginia- Cuba International Network (production agreement & office presence)
46.    Washington- Alaska Airlines (flights)
47.    Washington- T-Mobile (roaming agreement)