Ten Companies, The Moral Compass, FAR, Alignment Of Stars...

Ten companies have established the moral compass and operational platform for United States commercial (re)engagement with the Republic of Cuba.

American Airlines, Carnival Corporation, Caterpillar, Delta Air Lines, Jet Blue Airways, Norwegian Cruise Line, Marriott International, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines have established and maintained operations, as specifically authorized by the Obama Administration and Trump Administration, with entities controlled by the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) of the Republic of Cuba.

While the companies have not issued statements in support of connectivity with FAR-controlled entities, the companies are, by their presence, acknowledging and, thus far, accepting the role of the military in the economy of the Republic of Cuba.

The Obama Administration and Trump Administration acknowledged and acknowledges, respectively, this same reality.

There are issues of complicity: Does cooperation equate to enabling; to sustaining the status quo?  Are the companies serving as tools of change or as dams preventing alteration of the commercial, economic and political landscape throughout the Republic of Cuba?

With one exception, the ten companies are engaged in transporting and housing individuals who lawfully visit the Republic of Cuba.  The primary beneficiaries of the services provided by five of the nine companies are individuals of Cuban descent who visit their families and friends who reside in the Republic of Cuba. 

No executive of a company wants to laud the role of the FAR in the economy of the Republic of Cuba.  All the companies prefer civilian control, non-state actors, private enterprise as their contracting partners.  

For the companies, the choice is providing a product and/or service that is permitted under law, by regulation, by policy or awaiting an environment within which all commercial, economic and political stars align... as they have since 1959.