US & Cuba Sign USDA/APHIS Agreement

The United States Department of State did not issue a statement relating to the following:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba
Havana, Republic of Cuba

"January 20, 2017.- On Thursday, January 19, 2017, a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation was signed between the Divisions of Animal and Plant Health of the Ministry of Agriculture of Cuba and the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the US Department of Agriculture.

This new bilateral instrument provides a specific framework for the cooperation in the field of animal and plant health, which complements the provisions of the MOU on the cooperation in the field of agriculture and other related areas signed on March 21, 2016 by the Minister of Agriculture of Cuba and the US Secretary of Agriculture.

This new Memorandum is mainly intended to contribute to prevent the introduction and spread of quarantine pests, animal and plant disease agents and vectors in the United States and Cuba through the exchange of scientific information, best practices for the prevention and control of plagues and emerging diseases, collaborative scientific projects, including the use of technology, research and surveillance, and the holding of events on specific aspects of animal and plant health.

The Memorandum was signed on behalf of Cuba by H.E. José Ramón Cabañas, Ambassador of Cuba to the United States while Mr. Elvis S. Córdoba, Under Secretary a.i. for Marketing and Regulatory Programs in the US Department of Agriculture signed for the United States."