If Hillary Clinton Wins In November, Who Might Cuba Appoint As Its Ambassador To Washington?

If The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) is elected President of the United States on 8 November 2016, not unreasonable to expect that the government of the Republic of Cuba will appoint a woman to lead the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba located in Washington, DC.

Mrs. Josefina de la Caridad Vidal Ferreiro, the Director General (since 2013) of the Department of the United States at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, and a member (since 2011) of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Republic of Cuba, would be a likely replacement for H.E. José Ramón Cabañas Rodríguez, who has served Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to the United States since November 2012.

With the election of the first female as President of the United States, many countries will dramatically increase the number of women in their mid-level and senior-level diplomatic positions as a means to be better positioned to prominently engage with a Clinton Administration (where women will have prominence) and to more effectively engage with United States media- which will have a focus upon women in the workplace. 

Mrs. Vidal served as Director of the United States Department (2012-2013), Director of North America (2006-2013), Deputy Director of North America (2004-2006), Senior Specialist and Coordinator of the Group of Analysis on the United States (2003-2004 and 1997-1999).

From 1999 to 2003, Mrs. Vidal served as First Secretary at the Interests Section of Cuba in Washington, DC.; and from 1991 to 1997, as an analyst at the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Paris, France.  Before that, Mrs. Vidal was an Assistant Researcher in the Center of Studies of the United States at the University of Havana.

Mrs. Vidal has a Bachelor of International Relations from the International Relations State Institute of Moscow, Russia (then U.S.S.R.), where she had studied from 1979 to 1984.  Mrs. Vidal is proficient in English, French and Russian.  Born on 18 February 1961.