It's Here... Nespresso's Cafecito de Cuba capsules... US$1.25 each


17 August 2016: For the first time in the United States of America enjoy Cafecito de Cuba brought to you by Nespresso ̶ a short and intense cup, purely made from Cuban Arabica coffee beans. It is more than a coffee, it is a journey to Cuba.

Dive into the heat and passion of authentic Cuban culture with Cafecito de Cuba from Nespresso. Its incomparable intense roasted character boasts powerful and delightful smoky notes of wood and tobacco leaves. Indulge your palate with its dense velvety texture, best enjoyed in a traditional short ristretto (25 ml - 0.845 fl oz).


100% Cuban Arabica from the Eastern part of Cuban island. With fertile soil and ideal climate conditions, the region offers an excellent coffee growing environment.


To enhance the potential of the beans and highlight their authenticity, Nespresso experts applied sophisticated split roasting technic. One half of the beans was roasted for a shorter time to a lighter colour to bring out all the unique flavours and specific aromas of the coffee. The second half was roasted for a longer time to a much darker colour to create a strong body with velvety texture and intense rich flavours.

Aromatic Profile

A dark roasted, intense character of this coffee echoes with the passionate rhythms of authentic Cuban culture and boasts powerful and delightful smoky notes of wood and tobacco leaves.

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