The White House Convening Secret Cuba Business Meeting Next Week

The White House Press Office and the National Security Council Press Office have refused to provide information relating to a gathering scheduled for next week in the Old Executive Office Building (OEOB) which will focus upon commerce with the Republic of Cuba.

The meeting, which has been “organized” by an unidentified entity, will be hosted by the Obama Administration, passively or actively managed by The National Security Council, and including senior-level representatives of Departments and Agencies of the United States Government, representatives of United States companies, consultants, lobbyists, and representatives of United States organizations.  No participant has been disclosed.

From an executive of a United States-based company that has engaged in commerce with the Republic of Cuba, and was neither informed of the gathering nor invited to the gathering: “If accurate, there are fundamental questions of transparency and openness (Sunshine Acts).  Not a good narrative.