Watch For Green, Yellow And Red Lights.....

Those who profess the Obama Administration Initiatives to be "irreversible" are wrong; the government of the Republic of Cuba can impede them, stop them and reverse them. It's happened before.

The President avoided using the phrase "regime change," but impacting the behavior of the government of the Republic of Cuba is precisely the goal of the Obama Administration Initiatives, particularly those targeting non-state enterprises and self-employed individuals- which the government of the Republic of Cuba has yet to authorize.

The Obama Administration Initiatives are focused upon supporting the recreation of a middle class abridged as a result of the 1959 Revolution that needs more, wants more, will work for more, and is willing to be vocal about their desires.

The United States business community is focusing upon this resurrected group, along with existing Republic of Cuba government-operated entities, to create and then support product and service export opportunities. This will not be a race; it will be a walk.

The President traveled a great distance, physically, politically, metaphorically; with the only certainty being uncertainty... and the government of the Republic of Cuba, in response, accepted donations, agreed to purchase nothing, and only accepted from United States companies what offerings would increase revenues.

Very much a local train- with many stops, some unplanned, perhaps a derailment or two.... and no specific timetable for arrival. Oh, and crew changes along the way....