FedEx Seeks Cargo Flights To Cuba; UPS Not Yet

FedEx is seeking to operate one daily all-cargo scheduled-service frequency (to be operated five days a week between Miami, Florida and Havana, Cuba.

FedEx is seeking an allocation of a single daily frequency, which it would operate five days a week (Monday-Friday) on a routing MIA-HAV-MID-MIA.

The connections to Merida, Mexico would be operated on a blind-sector basis, as that freight is needed to provide the proper revenue basis so that the flights can be economically viable.

The flights would be operated on a year-round (non-seasonal) basis. FedEx will be using is a purple-tail Boeing 757-200SF for its proposed service. 

Given the complexities of setting up operations in Cuba with ground and customs clearance capabilities, FedEx respectfully requests a 120-day start-up period.

FedEx proposes a start-up date of September 1, 2016, or no later than the end of the mandated start-up period.