The Headline.... "The Revolution 57, Imperialists 0"

There exists no anticipated or created global drama with the visit by the President to the Republic of Cuba- this is not President Richard Nixon traveling to the People’s Republic of China to meet with Chairman Mao Tse-tung; nor is it President Ronald Reagan meeting in Iceland with Mikhail Gorbachev, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the U.S.S.R.. 

However, if Fidel Castro were President of the Republic of Cuba, a meeting between the President of the United States and Dr. Castro would be an event; arguments will be made as to whether a President Fidel Castro would have engaged as has his brother, successor President Raul Castro.

There is no doubt that former President Fidel Castro would welcome a meeting with President Obama; and no doubt that if politics would permit the spectacle, President Obama would meet with former President Castro…. One historical figure to another. 

For former President Castro, however, such a meeting could resemble a scene from the Neil Simon-scripted play which became the motion picture, “The Sunshine Boys.”  In one moment, one character recovering from a medical issue is visited by his comic partner… “Come all the way over here…. Come all the way over here…. You came, you apologized…”

However, whether President Obama meets with former President Fidel Castro [The White House said that he will not] is irrelevant to the narrative that will be created, and with increasing evidence, authenticated, by the government of the Republic of Cuba…. The Revolution Won.

There should be no surprise if the headlines on newspapers published throughout the Republic of Cuba, and in other countries conveyed the following impressions:

“The Revolution 57, Imperialists 0”

“Obama Comes To Apologize”

“Isolating The Revolution Did Not Succeed”

“Fidel & Raul Led Us To Victory”

“We Forgive You”

“It’s Not Over”       

The Republic of Cuba will continue to be less oversold and less undersold; its being perceived for what it is- a country in a somewhat perpetual transition, from identity to identity, seeking the balance between ideology that depends upon the largess of others to pay for it and the new reality that those supporters are fewer... and they now want to be repaid.