Cruise Ships Are The New Battleships

When United States President Calvin Coolidge arrived to the Republic of Cuba in January 1928, he was aboard the battleship USS Texas.....

In March2016, President Barack Obama will arrive to the Republic of Cuba aboard Air Force One, a Boeing-747 four engine jet aircraft.

Soon, the government of the Republic of Cuba will authorize passenger cruise ships to transport from the United States to the Republic of Cuba individuals subject to United States law who are visiting under one of the twelve categories of permissible travel.

The imagery that was a battleship in 1928 has been replaced by the imagery of what a passenger cruise ship is today..... a Trojan horse of not full of uniformed soldiers, but full of sometimes uniquely-dressed individuals armed with smart phones, cameras, plenty of money, a desire for conversation, a desire to influence, a desire to support, a desire to see what may not be sustainable.... they are still soldiers.... and they will arrive by cruise ship, the new battleship.