ABA Has No "Formal Position" About Cuban Banks Having Accounts With US Banks

Today, the Washington, DC-based American Bankers Association (ABA), stated that the organization does not have a formal position relating to the authorization of Republic of Cuba government-operated financial institutions to have accounts with United States-based financial institutions for correspondent activities.

The ABA did not provide a reason(s).

"The American Bankers Association is the united voice of America’s hometown bankers- small, regional and large banks that together employ more than 2 million people, hold more than $16 trillion in assets, safeguard $12 trillion in deposits and extend more than $8 trillion in loans.
ABA believes that government policies should recognize the industry’s diversity. Laws and regulations should be tailored to correspond to a bank’s charter, business model, hometown markets and risk profile. This policymaking approach avoids the negative economic consequences of burdensome, unsuitable and inefficient bank regulation.
Through a broad array of information, training, staff expertise and other resources, ABA supports America’s hometown bankers as they perform their critical role as drivers of America’s economic growth and job creation."

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