www.cuba.com Is For Sale... US$4.5 Million

From the broker:

"This special digital asset has enormous growth and revenue potential in the areas of travel; tourism; hotels; entertainment; recreation, etc.  The Seller has owned Cuba.com for +15 years and will entertain a payment plan or a lease to own transaction from qualified buyers only.  The proposals illustrated below are duly authorized by the Owner of Cuba.com."
1.    US$4.5 million cash purchase
·         designated escrow agent is Escrow.com
·         Buyer agrees to absorb Escrow.com transaction fees
2.    US$5 million (via five (5) year payment plan)

·         US$2 million (40%) initial down payment (non-refundable);

·         US$3 million(60%) due in 20 quarterly payments (US$150,000.00 each);

·         Installment payment 1 (US$150,000.00) is due in 90 days;

·         Payments 2-20 (US$150,000.00) are due every ninety (90) days thereafter;

·         Designated escrow “holding” agent is Escrow.com;

·         Buyer agrees to absorb Escrow.com transaction fees;
3.    Joint Venture (investors)

·         development and maintenance of eCommerce site

·         equity; contribution, and revenue share terms are negotiable

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