Wyndham Worldwide Actively Seeking Management Opportunities In Cuba

In September 2016, Geoff Ballotti, President and Chief Executive Officer of Parsippany, New Jersey-based Wyndham Worldwide:

We are working on opportunities there,” Loewen said. “Our teams have been there. We have partners that we’re talking to. We’re looking to bring some more brands there. We’ve talked both to people who want the upscale side and some who really see the need for good solid economy hotels.” The biggest challenge, of course, is utilities and other infrastructure. “The government’s got a lot of work to do down there, I think. But it will be a great location.” 

Mr. Robert Loewen, Executive Vice President And Chief Operating Officer of Wyndham Worldwide:

"We always look at every opportunity, and we think Cuba and the Caribbean in general are going to be big opportunities. I’m excited from a personal standpoint because 25 years ago I worked in the Caribbean doing yacht charters. And every year, it was a story of, 'Cuba’s going to open up, and we can finally take sailboats to Cuba.' It looks like it’s finally broken down and is opening up, and the infrastructure is not there."