To Stem Decline In Hotel Restaurant Revenues... Might Hotels In Havana Sub-contract With Paladares?

There may be an interesting development on the horizon…. Hotels in the Republic of Cuba, specifically those located in the city of Havana which are managed by non-Republic of Cuba government-operated companies, have noticed a consistent decrease in guests at their restaurants- with visitors generally only eating those meals (usually breakfast) that are included in their rate…  They will then seek to dine in private restaurants (paladares) where the food, service and experience are generally far superior. 

A solution?  Some of the non-Republic of Cuba-based hotel management companies are reviewing the possibility of bringing privately-owned restaurants into the hotels, in a similar way that hotels do within an increasing number of cities. This could be a component of a pilot project.

Of course, the government of the Republic of Cuba may not be too interested in promoting a non-government-controlled solution to a decreasing revenue problem.