New Economic Eye On Cuba Newsletter


November 2015


USCTEC Has New Design For Internet Site- 1

Restrictions Upon Cuba’s Use Of The U.S. Dollar For International Transactions To Be Altered- 1

United States Secretary Of Agriculture Visits Cuba- 1

Article In The WSJ About Delegation Importance Requires Clarification- 1

U.S. Lobbyists Now Have A Hard Target Date- 839 Days… Saturday, 24 February 2018- 2

Food/Ag Exports For September Increase 42%; Year To Date 38% Decrease- 3

Cuba Ranks 59th of 227 Food/Ag Export Markets Thus Far In 2015- 3

US$721,272.00 Increase In Healthcare Product Exports- 4

U.S. Port Export Data- 13

Updated Speaking Schedule- 14